Anmol KC || KRI movie Actress Required OPEN AUDITIONS ! (With VIDEO)

Young Star Anmol KC to become the heroine? If the desire is that the young Anmol heroin may be news for Khadijah.
Anmol lovers to dream vvai those ladies are not reduced. It is among the new movie production team for the movie auditions for Imran demands called for.
Anmol KC KRI movie Actress Required OPEN AUDITIONS !Last week 20 million in wages valuable contract for a movie actress to audition kri has been open. Construction suspected fragrance intaratenmenta and super Mascara Films, on behalf of the kri to compete for the best arrangement of khulaieko Anmol KC will have the opportunity to share with skrna.
Subash Giri Construction and Surendra Paudel movie to be directed by the public provision of teams from 18 to 22 years age group and also the height of more than 5 feet 5 inca yuvatimatra deemed eligible for auditions.